Interested in Fossil Free Cal? Get involved here!

Action at May 16th UC Regents Meeting

Action at May 16th UC Regents Meeting

Hey potential, new, and returning STeamsters!

Interested in the awesome student-led fossil fuel divestment campaign Fossil Free Cal and want to get involved?

Click here to visit the website and sign up for info session!

Even if you cannot make these info sessions but still want to get involved, add Friday, Monday, or one-on-one in the Contact to Schedule or Other box and we’ll set you up accordingly!

Support the campaign but don’t have time to commit to it?

Fill out your name, email, and click Yes under I Support Divestment and we’ll contact you with very important updates and actions!

Here is the form:

Here is a little about the current state of the campaign for those interested:

Fossil Free Cal is a student-led, climate change campaign here on campus that fights for divestment from the fossil fuel industry. We are part of a massive national and worldwide movement for divestment as a strategy for social and environmental justice.

As climate change continues to encourage drought, wildfires, devastating storms, sea level rise, and the melting of polar ice-caps, our campaign is working to advance climate solutions, pressure policymakers, and raise awareness through the tactic of divestment. We are pressuring Cal to divest its endowment holdings from the fossil fuel industry and reinvest in sustainable alternatives.

Last year we were able to pass a referendum that showed that students support fossil fuel divestment by a large majority. The student senate also passed a bill endorsing divestment for the entire campus as well as pledged to divest its endowment from fossil fuels.

We are now working on meeting with the company in charge of our endowment called BEMCO, as well as getting them to sit on an environmentally conscious investment panel, and having them release the full contents of their investment portfolio.

Through a continued presence at UC Regents meetings, multiple direct actions, and strong coalition-building, we will work to push BEMCO and the UC system as a whole to divest from fossil fuels and invest in our future.

The entire team is incredibly motivated and it is an awesome group of people to get to know and work alongside with!

 have time to get involved?

Fill out the form with just your email, name, click Yes under I Support Divestment, and we’ll let you know about important actions and info!


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