About STeam!


The ASUC Sustainability Team (STeam) is a ASUC-sponsored organization at UC Berkeley aimed at making the campus more sustainable.  We accomplish this through the creation of and participation in project groups and their events.  Each project group is focused on specific issues related to campus sustainability.

The Sustainability Team Program is dedicated to three major goals

·      Create and implement projects that address campus environmental problems, establish sustainable practices on campus, and raise sustainability awareness to students, faculty, and staff

·      Provide students with the training and tools necessary to accomplish effective sustainability advocacy and project implementation, navigation of the campus bureaucracy, and experience required to succeed in future leadership roles

·      Serve as a liaison between students and the ASUC, GA, administration, faculty, staff, and Berkeley Community; facilitate effective networking between all environmental entities on campus

The club is open to all UC Berkeley students, and everyone is invited to our events!  We welcome passionate environmentalists, students willing to apply skills (such as computer, media) and creativity to making the campus greener, or anyone who wants to help sustainable change accessible and possible.



**CONTACT US AT sustainability@asuc.org WITH ANY QUESTIONS **

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