Meeting Recap: ST0P

Meeting: 4/3

Poster Campaign:

  • Posters are to be printed and posted

Bottle Campaign:

  • Need to finalize bottle design

Meeting: 3/20

Greening the Asian Ghetto:

  • In July the complex will be required to provide a compost collection for the restaurants, but not necessarily for the customers
  • As of now, there is no grant
  • compost has to be separate but its cheaper

Meeting: 3/7

Bottle Proposal

  • Submitted finalized proposal! Now we are awaiting approval from Joe Watts, head of marketing from Rec Sports

Finalized Budget:

  • $400 – Campaigns
  • $35 – Goodies for Surveys
  • $50 – Earth Day Rally
  • $40 – Socials/ food
  • Total: $525

Poster Campaign:

  • Now have funding on 250 colored copies
  • Plan on putting them up throughout school
  • Posters includes facts about water conservation

Meeting: 2/27

Poster Campaign:

  • There is now funding for posters

Greening the Asian Ghetto Project:

  • Research: Restaurants in the Asian Ghetto are owned by Commercial Lessors, Inc
  • There’s a recycling bin in the courtyard that was moved to street to
  • Restaurants use plastic because “they’re cheap”

Meeting: 2/20

Poster Creation Ideas:

  • How many bottles do we use daily?
  • Social/environmental consequences of plastic use
  • The different materials to recycle
  • background on the accumulation of plastic

Greening the Asian Ghetto Project:

Background: unsustainable plastic use (type-6). Ideas:

  • Introduce compostable containers
  • provide free advertising

Meeting: 2/13

Intern Assignments:

  • Financial Intern: Shamoil
  • Design Intern: Daniel
  • Communications Intern: Albert

New Projects and Ideas:

  • Poster Campaign
  • Greening the Asian Ghetto

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