May 16th Fossil Free UC Regents Meeting!

CSSC Spring 2013 Convergence

CSSC Spring 2013 Convergence

Join us in Sacramento on the morning of May 16th for the Fossil Free UC Regents Meeting Action! Divestment is the key to our future, and we are going to show the UC Regents just how serious we are!

Transportation and housing are being arranged for any and all who are interested!

We will be celebrating our action with a party Thursday night.

Visit the Fossil Free UC page or the Fossil Free Cal page for any questions or concerns.

About the event:

The Board of Regents hold the keys to our fossil freedom! On Thursday, May 16th, students, alumni, faculty and supporters will show the Board of Regents how they can be a part of our movement to divest from fossil fuels.

As the board enters their quarterly meeting, they’ll be greeted by students chained to “a future of fossil fuels.” We will offer the regents keys asking them to unlock students as a reminder that they hold the keys to our fossil freedom.

Our goal is to have more than 100 supporters from across California to be a part of the spectacle on May 16th. Spread the word by passing this invite along through your networks. Also, RSVP at the link below and our team will follow up to make sure you have all of the information, transportation, housing and support you need to be there with us.

That night, we’ll also be celebrating a year of awesome divestment work in California with a massive party in the Bay Area! Stay tuned for details.



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