The Semester’s Not Over Yet! Divest The West May 2nd Day of Action and May 16th Regents Meeting!

aerial-artThe Semester may be coming to a close but it’s not over yet!

Join us in San Francisco for the Divest the West May 2nd Day of Action with amazing keynote speakers Bill Mckibben and John Avalos!

And on May 16th We are going to Sacramento to the UC Regents Meeting for an eye-catching action!

Please join us in this growing movement and make your voice heard!

About the May 2nd Day of Action:

It’s been just under six months since the national movement to divest from fossil fuels kicked off. We’ve come a long way this year, and we want to close out the school year with a bang. That’s why on May 2nd, we’re declaring our #FossilFreedom on the steps of SF City Hall: Divest the West to Lead the Rest; Invest in Our Future, Now!

With keynote speakers Bill McKibben, Supervisor John Avalos, and students from various colleges in the Bay Area, you won’t want to miss this special convergence!

Fossil Free SFSU is collaborating with and colleges all over Northern California to create a truly a student-led event! This will be a powerful uniting force to help us tell our collective story, demonstrate our growing strength, breathe life into new campaigns, and give established campaigns a chance to take it to the next level!

Help us thank San Francisco for passing a resolution to divest $580 million from fossil fuel companies. Join us as we lead the country–one school, city and state at a time–to divestment success. We are planning a creative, interactive demonstration, and it’s going to be a blast.

Do you want to help us organize? Come to our Art & Planning Party this Wed! RSVP here:

About the Regents Meeting:

As the board enters their quarterly meeting, they’ll be greeted by students chained to “a future of fossil fuels.” We will offer the regents keys asking them to unlock students as a reminder that they hold the keys to our fossil freedom.

Our goal is to have more than 100 supporters from across California to be a part of the spectacle on May 16th. Spread the word by passing this invite along through your networks. Also, RSVP at the link below and our team will follow up to make sure you have all of the information, transportation, housing and support you need to be there with us.

That night, we’ll also be celebrating a year of awesome divestment work in California with a massive party in the Bay Area! Stay tuned for details.

RSVP Here:


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