Reflection: CSSC Convergence Spring 2013

csscThank you to everyone who made the CSSC Convergence last weekend so special.

Over 300 students and community members from all over the state came to learn, share, and grow! It was truly amazing!

Check out workshop videos from the convergence here!

Photos are here!

Here is the Facebook event with moving reflections.

From Amber:

Thank you for an awesome convergence! The Berkeley team did such an amazing job and finding out that I got accepted into Cal while at Cal was too dope!! Thank you for your congrats and support and as always, for an amazing learning experience!

From Sasha:

This weekend, I laughed & I cried. We came home with positive vibrations and memories never to be forgotten. I really hope I may continue this streak of greatness!!! Thank you ALL, soooo much! ♥

From J. Benjamin:

I just slept for 14 hours. I think that means I had an incredibly awesome weekend (; couldn’t tag everyone seeing as there was over 500 attendees, all of which are now my friends!

From Colin:

Thank you to all of you beautiful people who came out to Berkeley and filled this weekend with all of your love and inspiration!
So many feelings I cant express them all.
I love you all friends!

From Emili:

In this strange city I found love and friendship everywhere I turned
At home where ever you all are
With wholeness and rejuvenation we sustain this revolution


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