Happy Earth Day! Come Celebrate with us during Earth Week @ Cal!

earth day

Happy Earth Day!

2013 has been and will continue to be an important year for environmental activism worldwide.

Here is a link to a blog on worldwide Earth Day events.

Over 340 campuses across the country have active fossil fuel divestment movements!

350.org has successfully flooded the state department with over 1 million comments (and counting) against the Keystone XL!

350.org has amazing short documentary on climate justice called Do The Math. Watch it here.

Celebrate Earth Day 2013 with us all week on campus!

The CSSC Convergence is only a few days away and hundreds of students and community members from all over the state are attending! The Convergence is so popular that registration is full!

Want to join us, but forgot to register?

Have no fear! Just come on over and register in person on either Friday evening or Saturday morning. It’s free for UC Berkeley students!


Keynote speakers:

Crystal Lameman

Hunter Lovins

Garth Lenz

Earth Day events (with more happening all week):

All Day

Meatless Mondays all day long at the Berkeley Student Food Collective with Samples at Crossroads
Sponsored by: Berkeley Student Food Collective

11:30am – 1pm

Earth Day Rally to Support California Modernization and Economic Development Act
the ballot initiative is a complete vision for the next generation of Californians. Not only will CMED revitalize city and state parks and reduce CO2 emissions in California, it will provide funding for other important priorities, like reducing tuition for college students and creating green jobs.
Location: Upper Sproul
Find more information at: http://www.facebook.com/events/128944783958082/

1:30 pm – 3pm

Performance by Trapdoor Social
Come and listen to this awesome sustainable band perform right on campus FOR FREE
Location: Upper Sproul


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