Update: Fossil Fuel Divestment Referendum Passed and Nolan Pack Elected EVP!


We did it! The Fossil Fuel Divestment Referendum Passed! 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and everyone involved in Fossil Free Cal and the ASUC Sustainability Team!

The students have spoken and a whopping 73% support fossil fuel divestment for the UC System!

Also, Congratulations to Nolan Pack who was elected EVP!

Nolan has been amazing advocate for environmental groups on campus, not to mention he co-wrote and co-sponsored SB10 that passed in February (required the ASUC to immediately divest its assets from fossil fuel companies). He will continue his advocacy work in his new position as Executive Vice President, and will enact his Sustainability Master Plan to help the campus achieve zero waste by 2020.

The strength of this movement was proven by the ASUC election results.

Join us as we march forward towards a fossil free future!

Daily Cal article on election results

Check out our Earth Week events for opportunities to hear more about and get involved in the environmental organizations on campus, including Fossil Free Cal.


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