Thank You, Nolan Pack!

nolan fossil fuel

STeam member Spotlight:

As an ASUC Sentor Nolan Pack advocated for so environmental community on campus. His accomplishments included:

  • Secured space for the first Student Environmental Resource Center at UC Berkeley
  • Hired SERC student interns with spring 2012 TGIF grant funding
  • Worked with SERC staff to develop a spring 2013 sustainability DeCal
  • Established collaborative relationship with ECO (Environmental Clubs and Organizations) that will create a spring 2013 merger between the two organizations
  • Presented SERC proposal to the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability for feedback
  • Worked with SERC staff to secure appointments with ESPM (Environmental Science, Policy and Management) officials to negotiate for spring 2013 space
  • Currently overseeing a 2013 CACSSF grant to secure permanent funding for programming and fulltime staff for SERC.
  • Co-authored and Sponsored SB 10 Bill which passed unanimously on Feb. 13th and binds the ASUC to divest all its resources from the fossil fuel industry
  • Co-chairs the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability
  • And so much more

Thank you Nolan Pack for all of your amazing accomplishments and continued support.

Nolan has been a strong advocate for the environmental community as an ASUC Senator. This year, he’s running for ASUC Executive Vice President with CalSERVE. He will continue to advocate for the environmental community as ASUC EVP, including developing a Sustainability Master Plan to help the campus achieve zero waste by 2020.

ASUC elections are this week April 9-11, 2013! Remember to get out and vote!

Fossil Free Cal has a referendum on the ballot, please support STeam’s, Fossil Free Cal’s, and Nolan Pack’s efforts to divest UC Berkeley and the UC system from fossil fuels.

For more info see:

Fossil Fuel Divestment Referendum:

Fossil Free Cal:

ASUC voting info:

**ONLINE VOTING** will be accessible beginning 9 AM on Monday, April 9, 2013:

For those of you who want to vote in person there are four voting locations this semester:
Kroeber Hall–>Hours: 9:00AM – 4:15PM (On Campus)
Dwinelle Hall–>Hours: 9:00AM – 4:15PM (On Campus)
Evans Hall–>Hours: 9:00AM – 4:15PM (On Campus)
Crossroads–>Hours: 5:00PM – 9:00PM (Off Campus: 2415 Bowditch St.)


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