EcoMovie Screening Monday September 24th!!

ImageCome to our showing of The City Dark (2011) on Monday September 24th at 7:00PM in the Tan Oak Room in MLK!

>Why should I go see The City Dark?

-Its fun and entertaining film.  It also happens to be a documentary.
-Who wouldn’t want to see a free amazing movie?
-Did we mention it is AWARD WINNING? It was also the centerpiece film from the 2012 San Francisco Green Film Festival
Surreal cinematography, from the Peabody Award Winning director who brought youKing Corn (2007) Ian Cheney
-incredible soundtrack (also award winning) from The Fishermen Three & Ben Fries.

>What is this movie about?

What happened to the night sky?  That is the question that award winning filmmaker Ian Cheney decided to answer.  His investigation, about what the city lights hide away, unraveled a the true meaning of what is lost when we lose the stars.  From confused birds, to baby turtles who can’t find the ocean, to cancer studies in humans, could this never-ending glow of artificial light be deadly?


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